Nov 12, 2014
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We begin with the top airplane game simulator on the market today. Pro Flight Simulator is extremely addictive and realistic, and a joy to play.

The software is provided instantly via digital download straight to your PC. A hard disk version (4 DVD set) is also available.

So let’s start by reviewing the features of this software, and why it is our Editor’s Choice top pick:

Operating Platform Requirements

The game works with Win 95/Win 98/2000/ME/XP/Vista/Windows 7, 32 and 64 bit. This software will not work with Macs.

It can work with Windows 8 perfectly if you run that platform to emulate Windows 7 (which is easy to do).


The graphics are as strong or better than any of the other airplane games simulators that we have tried. Here is a quick sample of the graphics:


Game Play Features

Pro Flight Simulator is so realistic, it is as if you were in an actual airplane:

  • Over 20,000 airports from around the world
  • 150 different planes and helicopters from the Wright brothers to fighter jets
  • Outstanding instrument controls that react exactly as in real life
  • Auto pilot can take over to give yourself a break
  • Realistic terrain using government mapping technologies
  • The time of day and the stars are accurate as you would see them in your location
  • The weather can be replicated in real time in any location using the Weather Service
  • Full ATC functions from gate to runway and taxi to gate
  • Land your helicopter on a mountain for a rescue and much more
  • Realistic night flying where you can see cities and headlights
  • Scenery has all rivers, roads, lakes and railroads
  • Air-To-Air refueling with military tanker aircraft
  • Land on aircraft carriers Nimitz and Eisenhower
  • Real time integration with Google Maps – see where other players are

There truly is a lot more, and it boggles the mind how they were able to include so much in one game.

Of course, you can play with your mouse and keyboard, but the game is obviously designed to work with all airplane gaming controllers.

So bring out your favorite yoke, foot pedals and throttle controller – you’re good to go.


Your license with Pro Flight Simulator allows installation on as many PC’s as you like.


This software has some really neat bonuses you won’t see anywhere else:

  • Interactive Scenery Designer – You can create your own scenes with landmarks, rivers, buildings, railroads, lakes, mountains and more
  • Combat Flight Simulator – High level artificial intelligence creates outstanding aerial battles, and you can even plugin your own gamepad
  • Professional Airplane Flying Handbook – An extensive 281 page manual put together by professionals helps you easily fly aircraft and prepare for flight simulation
  • Kelpie Flight Planner – You can plan and customize your flights, just as you would if you were flying real aircraft


The realism of the Pro Flight Simulator is the benchmark for the entire industry. We have never played an airplane game that made you feel like you were truly in a plane – until now.

Knowing that you can fly anywhere in the world and behold the actual scenery of another country is awe inspiring. Make sure you fly into New Zealand and Egypt – you can’t beat it.

Knowing that you will be flying out of Chicago on a 48 degree rainy day – when it is actually 48 degrees and raining in Chicago – how can you beat that?

The controls, and how the airplane reacts, is so real. Controls that lag in real life will lag in the simulator, just adding to the realism of actual flight.

You will also enjoy flying at night. It’s peaceful, the stars are beautiful, and it is so neat to see the lights of the city come into view.

You can play with just your mouse and keyboard, or even a joystick. But…

Since you have the best airplane game on the market, you will want to get a nice set of airplane controllers to enjoy the full effects of the simulation.

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